Monday, February 23, 2009

Dangerous Highway

Last night I was driving back from Kuala Lumpur to Shah Alam after meeting a friend to fixing up my laptop. It was raining quite heavily, so I've to drive slow, steady and very careful. Furthermore I'm driving a 4WD fitted with semi-hardcore off-road tyres.

As usual the motorist in Kuala Lumpur will never know how to reduce their speed. As if they are driving or riding during the race at the Sepang F1 Racing Circuit. But I don't blame them. Probably they are in the rush to go home....

When my vehicle reached the Federal Highway near the Mid Valley Mega Shopping Complex it was still raining heavily. Then of all the sudden I feel that my vehicle start flipping to the left and right. I said to myself, "it can't be my tyres because I've changed a set of four new tyres to my 4WD.'s not because of my tyres! You know why? The highway is uneven with patches here and there, which was done very badly. In fact it started from the whole stretch from Mid Valley right up to Shah Alam.

To make a matter worse, the painted lining on the highway is faded out until you can't see whether you in the right lane or not. Additional to that, the guardrail is also dark....until you can't even notice that there is a guardrail in the middle of the highway.

There it goes....when I reached Sungai Way, at 1.00am....traffic jam! You guess what? About 10 vehicles collided and crashed into each other.